Center of Art and Media (ZKM)

    The Center of Art and Media (ZKM) is only a 10 minutes walk away from the acora Hotel and Living Karlsruhe. The ZKM is a world-wide unique academic institution put on the tracks with the task to investigate the cultural impacts of modern information technology and determine the change of social structures by creating experimental projects under controlled conditions.

    The ZKM works in close cooperation with the Academia for Fine Arts Karlsruhe. It curates special exhibitions and concepts in order to validate modern media technology in the presence of new audiences and spectators. In the ZKM building a museums shop is specialized on art books and media. A cafeteria keeps the visitor from exhaustion by serving coffee and fine cakes.


    ZKM in the Global Digital Age

    The Digital Age has already started – we live in a giant cloud of informations – the ZKM attempts to bring into visibility the invisible appearances of digital processes surrounding us.

    In 2015 the Globale exhibition and event series was a widely spanned innovative project encompassing exhibition and information formats. The ZKM entered unkown territory by curating those projects „Infosphäre“, „Exo-Evolution“ and „Cloud Space“ which represents the invisibly surrounding data cloud. The growing distance of mankind from the evolution by permanently creating new tools, machines and supporting artifacts is the subject of the exhibtion on Exo-Evolution.

    Städtische Galerie – Municipal Gallery

    The public Art Gallery of the City of Karlsruhe is located in close neighborhood at the southern end of large atrium. The gallery features classical modern art and paintings of contemporary artists from the region of southern Germany like Peter Dreher‘s paintings of water glasses from the series „Tag um Tag ist guter Tag (day by day is a good day)“.