Shopping in Karlsruhe

    Shopping in Karlsruhe proves the magnetic attraction of the city of Karlsruhe with ist numerous galerias and stores to the surroundig towns and villages in the area of Badenia and the French border. The classical shopkeeper is still present in the Kaiserstrasse und the smaller streets in the neighborhood. In particular, the shops in the Karlsstrasse and Waldstrasse create the demanding and individual offerings of a modern big city. For instance, the connaisseurs of stylish homes will be best served by the furnishing house Burger. Smaller shops and fashionable restaurants with menues for climbing up to new culinary heigths seduce the visitor to spend some money here and there.

    The large galerias have also their stakes in the ground of Karlsruhe. The Postgaleria at the Europe plaza in the former headquarter building of the German Mail company with the jammed Primark store and the giant galeria at the Ettlinger Tor (Gate) stand up to supply folks with the needed gadgets of our time. The vistor may also appreciate the market plaza of Karlsruher with its spectacular blend of modern and classical architecture and shopping opportunities in the capitol of Badenia.

    Currently the market plaza with the pyramidal tomb of the founder of Karlsruhe is barely attractive because it is located at the intersection of the construction areas for the underground tram. In the end Karlsruhe will benefit from the trouble and obtain one of the most modern public transportation systems.

    The guest of the acora Hotel und Wohnen can reach all these centers by feet through the pedestrian areas. On the other hand a ride on the tram to the Galeria at the Ettlinger Tor gives the feeling of a sightseeing tour through the city only missing the guide. In the foreseeable future the tram move under the grounds and nothing can be viewed anymore.