Badisches Landesmuseum

    The Badisches Landesmuseum is located in the great baroque castle of Karlsruheantique – the architectural focal point of the fan-styled city of Karlsruhe. Starting from the castle the boulevards span the city of Karlsruhe in a radial manner from the center to the peripheral areas. Viewing along the middle axis the university campus stretches to the left and the downtown area with the shopping centers begins at the market plaza and stretches to the right.

    The Badisches Landesmuseum is world famous for the collection of artifacts from the Greek antique times und collections from the wars with the Turks in the seventeeth century. The Markgraf of Baden Ludwig Wilhelm (called the „Türkenloius“) was an earlier relative of the founder of Karlsruhe Markgraf Karl Wilhelm. Ludwig Wilhelm was a respected military leader and came back with plenty of bounty from these wars.

    Various exhibitions devoted to history of Badenia and featured artists from the southern region of Germany round up the cultural presentations in the Badischesn Landesmuseum in the castle of Karlsruhe.


    In the year of 2015 Karlsruhe celebrated its 300th birthday. A central role was taken over by the baroque castle of Karlsruhe as the birth place and origin of the city. Nightly illuminations by creative designers delighted the audience through the summer. Once again these light shows on the castle will be conducted during the summer of 2017, a great pleasure is waiting for you, join the enthusiastic audience and be part of this fascinating adventure.